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21DaysLockDown: D-day as South Africa look to God ahead of National Lockdown

D-day as South Africa brace itself for the looming 21 Days National Lockdown on Thursday the 26 March midnight, following the president’s stringent measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus. The presidency has appealed to the nation to observe a National Day of Prayer tonight between 18:00 to 18:30 as the country continues to battle the rapidly increasing numbers of confirmed COVID19 cases. Addressing the nation amid imposed measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus, President Cyril Ramaphos

Twitter: SANDF first gig since the dawn of democracy

With the looming 21DaysLockDown, you’d think South African will finally take the Coronavirus pandemic a bit more serious, however, the nation never ceases to amaze with its sense of humor even while facing a national disaster. Following the announcement that the South African National Defense Force SANDF will be deployed across the country to make sure people adhere to the national lockdown recommendations which will see people self isolating themselves in their own homes for a period of 21 day

Limpopo shuns Limpopians living in Gauteng as they running back home to take cover from Coronavirus

Limpopo shuns Limpopians living in Gauteng as Thousands are trying to beat the midnight national lockdown countdown. This comes as Gauteng is currently the epicenter of COVID19 in the country with hundreds of confirmed cases in the province. Many could not bear the thought of spending 21 days in isolation far away from their families back home in the rural areas. Limpopo has recoreded thousands of vehicle count at Kranskop Tollgate Northbound to Limpopo on Wednesday 25th March 2020.

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